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Delightful and Delicious Soups and More!—Review by Tina, November 17, 2019

If you love delicious soups and stews of all sorts, then this book is for you! In the interest of full disclosure, I have the first volume of Cooking for Halflings and Monsters and loved it so much that I began following the author on social media, and to make a long story short, I was offered the opportunity to help test a few of the recipes from this new volume of recipes. The recipes I have tried are wonderful! They are easy to follow and often use ingredients I tend to have on hand all the time, and now I have some really creative ways to use what I have in my pantry and fridge. I love how many of the soups are very quick and easy to put together yet have an amazing depth of flavor. I think if you love cozy food and/or love fantasy fiction, then this is a great book to own or give as a gift to your fantasy fiction loving friends and family! Aside from the recipes, there are thoroughly entertaining anecdotes from the author and a Desert Dragon too. (And if you have not seen a Desert Dragon, then you simply must get this book, just for the rare opportunity to see one!)

A Unique Cookbook—Review by Bruce, November 14, 2016

My partner and I love this strange cookbook! It looks like it came from Middle Earth with its design. It might seem a bit odd not to have sections for each item, like soups and desserts. Each chapter is a “fantasy” restaurant and sets everything up in a sort of menu. But we got used to it quickly. The author has a good sense of humor, though she mentions green chile a lot. That’s fine, since we love green chile and lots of the recipes can be made either with or without it. We’re glad that there are photos for every recipe, even if they are not professional. They add a homey touch, but they are good photos anyway. The artwork is charming throughout. Our favorites so far have been the Mushroom Bacon Dish of Might and Marcella’s Cherries—both were delicious and easy to follow. We plan to try many of the recipes, though I doubt if we’re up to making the Turkish delight one. This would make a great gift for anyone who loves Narnia or Tolkien’s books, but anyone can enjoy it. Recommended!

Yummy fantasy-style recipes—Review by Anonymous, February 9, 2017

The recipes in this book are amazing! It’s obvious that the author has put a lot of time and effort into crafting each recipe, and there are definitely enough recipes to keep a person entertained and well-fed for a long time. I’d like to add that there are even some recipes in the book that give refreshing and tasty new takes on old, traditional-type recipes like pumpkin pie (instead of just plain ol’ pumpkin pie, this one has nutty, buttery, delicious streusel!), and the author provides a lot of interesting notes about most of her recipes (fun facts, suggestions for anyone with dietary restrictions, or ideas to help people experiment with using different kinds of ingredients). I also enjoy the general style of the book–the cover looks nice with its gold lettering, and the old-parchment-type pages make you feel like you’re really reading a book from a fantasy novel or movie. This brings me to the art included in the book. I love the art! It’s so detailed, cute, and fun! If you like cooking and enjoy the genre of fantasy, you should definitely check this out.

Cooking for Halflings & Monsters—Review by J. Deering, January 10, 2017

Imagine going to visit a friend whose home is decorated warmly with wooden beams and over-stuffed chairs arranged around cracking fireplace. You find yourself invited to lunch upon a comforting meal of chicken and dumplings, with a twist. You linger over a heart warming dessert of Marcella’s Cherries with whipped cream. It is the most gratifying meal you’ve had in a long time. Even better, you are invited to come again to yet another hearty meal. Every time you’re invited, the meal leaves you satisfied and happy.

This is the feeling I got while reading this beautiful cookbook. The pages look and feel like old parchment. The illustrations add to the charm and warmth of every recipe

I can see this book on the shelves of every Halfling. As for Monsters, I am sure they are hungry humans, soon to be tamed by a hearty portion of “Tshingwu’s bit o’ the Flank” and some “Zeldoshak’s Gnarly Bones.” This book is inviting, fun and compels you to read it to the end, (yes, it is a cookbook!) The recipes are well thought out and easily understood. You will want to try every one of them.

What a wonderful cookbook!—Review by EllieMaeLou, February 9, 2017

This is a lovely cookbook filled with a bounty of delicious recipes – each with a supporting picture, which I really value. I really enjoy the author’s witty narrative and her easy-to-follow instructions. And as a former Dungeons & Dragons player, I’m also tickled that the recipes are organized by the types of cuisines in establishments you’d be fortunate to find on your many fantasy travels. I adore the charming artwork, too! I’ve made several recipes so far, and I’m eager to try more. Right now, however, I just want to throw carbs to the wind and make Richard’s Orange Biscuits again and again!

Fantastic and unique cookbook—Review by ccwgarrett, December 30, 2016

This is a fantastic, unique cookbook that is great for novices and chefs alike. The recipes are homey and interesting, and the author has clearly thought out all the details to create these recipes, using a great sense of humor and teaching throughout the book. Love the drawings and flavors, definitely recommend this cookbook!

Every recipe we’ve tried has been fantastic, although my personal favorite is Geirahod’s Pork Pie…—Review by Lizabeth Johnson, May 31, 2017

I purchased this cookbook for my husband, who loves to cook and is a huge Tolkien fan. Every recipe we’ve tried has been fantastic, although my personal favorite is Geirahod’s Pork Pie of Battle. It’s a great addition to anyone’s cookbook collection and the perfect gift for the Hobbit in your life!