My Geeky/Nerdy Collections

Rather than write everything down, here are photos of the various important collections which own shelf space in my house. I love many different invented universes and here’s the perfect place to share a diverse collection such as this—thanks to Legendarium Media for the opportunity to write about these collections.

Let’s start with the most abundant: Middle-earth and J. R. R. Tolkien.

Here is all of it in full:

Here are the shelves individually, so you can see the titles more clearly:

Shelf One: Works about Tolkien, with a few miscellaneous books besides.

Shelf Two: Tolkien.

Shelf Three: Parodies, film books, reference works, and that black book happens to be my master’s thesis (Why Does ‘Frodo Live?’: Examining the Character of Frodo Baggins as a Cultural Indicator of Change in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Text The Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson’s Film Trilogy The Lord of the Rings). The spiral underneath it is my undergraduate thesis (The Hidden Heroine: Gender Bending and the Happy Ending Achieved through a Return to Nature—this was a study comparing Éowyn and the medieval French character of Silence, both of whom were temporary cross-dressers).

Do I miss college? For the most part, no, I do not.

Here are my Tolkien films, along with my Star Wars DVDs:

Here are my gigantic movie posters hanging above my piano (which I keep meaning to play, but never seem to find the time…):

Here is a C. S. Lewis collection, along with a Charles Williams’ omnibus and the Princess Bride:

Here are all the Joss Whedon items I own:

For good measure, here is my Monty Python collection (which you might not have expected). That rabbit is dynamite (and he will clamp down on your fingers—I got him as a souvenir from Spamalot)! Are those real coconut shells? Yes, they came from a package of fruity sorbets from Costco. The Black Knight can be torn limb from limb and I saved the Grail Ale bottle from lunch at a local restaurant.

If I went to Hogwarts, I think I would have lived in Ravenclaw:

I’m devoted to Star Trek (and I need two photos for this collection), though my favorite captain is Picard:

Well, that was fun, but now I’m exhausted. Good thing I didn’t try to write everything down! I have one more photo for you—I purchased these bumper stickers when I was writing my thesis and I never had the nerve to put them on my car. Right around election day of 2016, I finally went ahead and stuck them on my car for the first time. The green sticker has certainly not withstood bad weather at all and looks fairly shabby now.

I still haven’t read absolutely everything I have collected. One day, perhaps.

If you’re wondering about something like Game of Thrones, well, I refuse to read it until Martin finishes it… So… I could be waiting for a long while, I suppose. PROBABLY FOREVER. I’m sick of starting book series that haven’t resolved themselves. We are currently (2021) on our second viewing of the HBO series.

Why do I own so many DVDs anyway? Everything eventually turns up on Netflix or Hulu…