The Social Media Binge and Purge

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It’s a given that I will go on a diet in the January of every year of my life.

After a year of Social Media over-indulgence, however, I have decided to rein it all in. Drastically. I have HAD it and I need to go on a social media diet.

When you first start blogging, you are excited and eager to find followers. So you follow everyone, hoping they will follow you in return. And some will follow you; others won’t.

On Twitter, people will follow you for a couple of weeks—just enough time for you to follow them, then a month or so later, they’ll drop you. Within three months of belonging to Twitter, I had accumulated 1000 accounts that I was following. I was following interesting celebrities or political figures; whatever seemed amusing at the time. Then I realized I couldn’t stand all of it—I was saturated with all sorts of crap and I could barely keep track of any of it, much less re-tweet anything.

During this rush to follow people, apparently I decided to follow Brian Williams on Twitter. It’s not because I watch much news, but if I did, I would choose him as my anchorman because he is my favorite guest star on 30 Rock. That’s not the primary reason, of course; he has gravitas and a pleasant demeanor. I also remember him talking about Twitter as a ridiculous place; he said something like, “Why would I ever want to know that you bought a pair of sweat pants today?” He seems down-to-earth.


“Fuhgeddaboutit!” Brian Williams is gold on 30 Rock. Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post.


One day, I was eliminating accounts I follow and I noticed that I was following Mr. Williams, who happens to have more than 208,000 followers. He only follows four people. FOUR. He follows the NBC Nightly News, the New York Times, the Bravest (FDNY NYC Fire Dept.), and Doug Williams (apparently this is his son—you have to follow people to whom you are related, obviously. His actress daughter Allison doesn’t appear to have a Twitter account, or at least not a public one I could find easily, so good for her…). To top it off, he has never tweeted anything. NOT A SINGLE TWEET. It made me like him all the more, though I did stop following him.

I no longer automatically follow someone who happens to follow me on Twitter. I might if you’re interesting to me, but I certainly won’t if all you’re doing is pushing ways to collect more followers or suggesting I visit sites with unusual sexual positions or garish wardrobe fails at Walmart. I’m done. This means I’m not playing the game correctly, but I’m going to have to live with that.

TUMBLR? Deleted. I pressed that delete button and Tumblr posted a message to me that said: “It’s Gone.” Tumblr almost seemed sad I had left them; perhaps they should post little tear-drops falling from those words just to make you feel bad for leaving. But now I’m free from the endless, spastic GIFs that were enough to make me want to vomit. (No offense intended to anyone who enjoys Tumblr; I just didn’t.)

Google+? I’m still there, but I deactivated my community and left all the communities I had joined in my initial enthusiasm about the whole platform. Again, no offense to anyone who loves the Big G, but I just couldn’t get into it.

So far, I feel so much lighter. If only shedding actual poundage was this easy!

Next time, I’ll eviscerate Facebook. Cheers!


  1. That’s nice to hear! Not getting rid of it, just consolidating it into one new page. Check the sidebar, though I think you’re already on it…

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