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I like Parks and Recreation on Facebook, since I indeed like the show. When it comes to Facebook, however, I only ‘like’ shows that are currently on the air. If I listed everything I have ever liked in my past, I would probably like about 1000 shows and let’s face it—Facebook is so clogged with so much crap there is no way I want to keep up with shows from the 80s, 90s, or even the 00s. So I do not display my allegiance to any of the Star Trek shows, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or anything that is now over. Maybe this is sacrilegious, but that’s how I roll.

But the other day on Facebook, Parks and Recreation was mentioned in a post from Entertainment WeeklyThis post gave the welcome news that the delicious Jon Hamm would most likely guest star occasionally on the show as the inept worker Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) fired at the end of last season. Here is the article, if you would like to read it (keeping in mind that it has changed its form somewhat since first published): Mad Men or Man Men? Since Mad Men has probably wrapped and would be over (and off of my Facebook feed), he would be free to pop up on every Parks and Recreation episode. Yes. Here is a photo of the delicious Mr. Hamm:


English: Jon Hamm

My husband will pick on Mr. Hamm for the chin scruff, but hey, that’s modern male fashion! Jon Hamm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I could make this photo small, but why? This is the medium setting, so enjoy! I binged on Mad Men and thoroughly enjoyed the alcoholic angst of Don Draper, but I have also really enjoyed his comic talents (see SNL and especially 30 Rock). When will this man get an Emmy? Come on!

ANYWAY—this is the interesting part. EW posted a status and wrote: “Man Men star…blah blah blah.” Notice it says MAN Men, not MAD Men. A simple typo anyone can make. Some people type so fast, they barely have time to register that they have spelled something wrong. Or your eye skips over an obvious error. Or you read something and still don’t notice the typo. I read an article in TIME last week that used the word “the” twice in a row, but usually they’re fairly good about editing/proofreading. Perhaps you rely on a spell-checker. My late friend Jan related an anecdote about a report that was circulated in her office that cleared spell-check and was sent out to everyone involved in the project. Unfortunately, the word “public” had been typed as “pubic.” At least it was spelled correctly.

Of course, the Facebook crowd went wild over this glaring error. Some of the comments were rather humorous; some were rather brutal. The post has been removed, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. If you’re familiar with Facebook at all, you probably don’t need to see concrete examples of the comments.

I’m a typical English major who is rather a stickler for good grammar. Do I make mistakes? Of course. That same day when I read this Facebook post, I discovered that I had left a dangling parenthesis on one of my recipes here on my blog. So I corrected it. Big deal. I know many grammar junkies who can hardly stand reading anything online for all the errors in spelling and grammar.

I used to be annoyed as well, but now I handle it differently. I try to look for the meaning behind the errors. Most of the time, I’ve become quite forgiving, though if someone has written something that is so egregiously misspelled or so horribly nonsensical, I’ll just abandon it.

So—use spell-check? Absolutely, but don’t forget to read as you go, or you’ll be making a pubic faux pas. Strive for good grammar usage? Absolutely, but remember everybody makes mistakes. Even professional editors and proofreaders are human beings. Make fun of all of this? Sure, but try to keep it tasteful and not be cruel. Let he/she who is without spelling/grammar sin cast the first critical stone.

Gosh, I can hardly wait for the final season of Man Men to start in the spring!


  1. I always go by what Anya Kurennaya said during my first year in Scribendi: “Your design can be beautiful. Everything can be perfect. But if you’ve got a typo, you look like an idiot.”

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