NaBloPoMo? Not bloody likely…

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I really wish I could honestly justify using this cool-looking crest. Why? It’s got a viking helmet—I’m half Norwegian. It’s got coffee, a computer, pens, and paper. That’s how I often like to write: I’ll sit in a comfy chair or couch and scribble what I call first-draft thoughts on college-lined spiral paper with a black Bic Atlantis pen. Or I’ll scrawl on the backs of what I call scrap paper, leftover junk mail or account statements from my late mother. I have accumulated MANY pieces of perfectly good white paper with printing on one side and nothing on the back, so they are perfect for jotting down recipe ideas or other nonsense.

The crest apparently represents participation in either NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) or NaBloPoMo, which stands for National Blog Posting Month. During this month, you are supposed to write a blog post every day. EVERY FUCKING DAY.

WHO DOES THAT???!!!###@@@***&&&???

And since it’s in November, does that mean you must post something on Thanksgiving?

Even if you were to write that often about whatever subject you’ve chosen, who exactly is going to spend time reading it?

Okay, I’ll settle down now. I know this is designed to motivate despondent bloggers (of whom I am a classic example) to keep their creative juices flowing and to help them get more exposure, but it ain’t gonna work for me. I used to strive for a weekly blog post with a recipe. After a few months, I found I just couldn’t keep up with this goal. Life interferes with blogging all the time. Frankly, I believe life SHOULD interfere with your blogging, as often as possible.

Rather than beat myself up about that, I decided to put myself on a fairly strict schedule of various blog postings, accompanied by various social media postings. Sometimes I even find that hard to maintain. Perhaps a better way to describe this is: sometimes I find it hard to muster any enthusiasm to produce what I consider a worthwhile blog post. I would rather share one good post as opposed to seven half-hearted posts just to get my blog out there. But then it might seem like my blog is a sort of ghost town.

Perhaps I need to branch out from always posting recipes. My first tiny blog mentioned I wanted to discuss “comfort food, the Albuquerque scene, and cultural topics.” But there’s so much more than that in my life. As Walt Whitman said, “Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.).”

Perhaps my version of NaBloPoMo is simply to give myself permission to write about whatever I want to, whether it’s a great recipe one week, or a book review, or thoughts about life or death or menopause or babies or whatever… I’m going to categorize these miscellaneous posts as “Broodin’ & Bloggin.’ I wonder if this will be the only one…?

I feel slightly better about blogging matters in general now. NaBloPoMo helped! And I used the crest anyway.

Here are some links to relevant NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo sites that might inspire you to write more (or less, as in my case). And if you succeed in writing a worthy blog post for every day of this month, I applaud your effort.

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  1. I agree with you. I don’t normally like monthly blogging challenges. But knowing exactly what I’m going to write about really helps. And fortunately my posts are quite short. I’ve gotten into a habit of writing every day now and can get a post done in 20 minutes.

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    • Well, certainly writing everyday is an excellent idea; posting on the internet everyday, maybe not. Since I ranted about this, I’m wondering about doing this maybe next year…I guess the blog would become a sort of stream of consciousness, perhaps?

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      • Yes it might become like a stream of consciousness. I suppose it just depends on what you write about. Or you could plan blog posts in advance so you’re not having to come up with an idea for a post every day.

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      • My daughter has compared her participation as stream of consciousness writing.

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  2. I like the way you think! My daughter is so into NaNoWriMo, and she’s constantly trying to get everyone she knows to do it with her. I tried… once; I made it 3 days. I hated it. One cannot force inspiration. I suppose I see some value in extemporaneous writing, no holding back. But my result was drivel. The irony is that my daughter, who is really into this exercise and has participated for several years, has only made it to the end once.

    I also have piles of scrap paper with printing on one side – used for inspired ramblings and more mundane things. Great minds think alike…

    I love your blog and recipes. I do a LOTR (and now Hobbit) marathon and movie inspired meal-a-thon every winter. I’m gearing up for the next big event, which is how I found your blog. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes!

    (PS: I love that darn crest, too! and really wanted to claim one for my own, but not at the expense of my sanity!)

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    • 🙂 Thank you so much for responding! I don’t know what all of us Middle-earthers are going to do when Jackson is done with the films…not sure if we can badger him into making some more…

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      • I know! I was thinking that same thing a few days ago. Luckily, I’m still happy doing the annual event to get my fix. And the dark of winter seems to be the perfect time. Well, as dark a winter as the high desert permits. 🙂

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      • You don’t think he’s going to go a la Marvel and release a spate of eight or ten Silmarillion flicks? Turin, Beren and Luthien, the Rebellion of the Noldor, some obscure saga of Numenor…

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        • ROTFLMFAO. (Not really doing this.) Maybe people like Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer could sign on to be the new directors/producers of such a series! Imagine the possibilities…

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